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Florida Principal Hits Jackpot + iPod Touch Classroom Ideas

April 18, 2011 · 2 Comments

Student with iPod TouchWhat would your students do if you handed each of them an iPod Touch during class? How could you use it in your lesson? How could it help foster engagement?

Principal Phillip Campbell from Cedar Grove Elementary in Panama City, Florida has a few ideas. He recently won 30 iPod Touch devices from Follett Software after entering his school into a random drawing by completing an email survey sent to users of Destiny Library Manager.

Because the iPods are the type of tool that today's students know and love, Campbell envisions myriad uses for the devices. "I can see our fourth and fifth graders using them for social studies projects, where they can take photos, make recordings, and create reports. The map applications could allow for interesting scavenger hunts around the world and other geography lessons." Campbell mentioned other ways teachers intend to use the iPods, including using the notes section for spelling words; using the Chicktionary and Scrabble apps for word activities; using the multiple math and science apps for mastery of facts and integration of content; and for uploading and reading books.

Like so many schools in America, Cedar Grove Elementary is facing funding challenges, which directly affect its ability to keep pace with technology. "That's precisely why I entered the drawing," said Campbell. "You are limited as to how you can spend your Title I dollars. It's important to go out there for extra opportunities like this and see what you can get. Rewards like this will give us a chance to have the tools we want and our kids need."

The win comes at an opportune time for Cedar Grove Elementary since Campbell said he and his staff are dedicated to increasing their use of technology in the classroom. Campbell pointed out that the devices and the multitude of applications that come with them give students the kind of learning tool they want. "Kids are used to that kind of constant engagement. I'm sure we'll discover so many new things we can do with the iPods once we start using them. That is the 'ah-ha moment’ that always happens once you start using technology."

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How are you using technology like iPod Touch devices in the classroom? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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